Zauberberg opened its doors in 2003 for the second time, after some 25 years before the first race is on for the Würzburg nightclub. The club quickly became the darling of the student audience and experienced a heyday over fifteen years in which he has enjoyed great popularity among the guests. "Sound Park" - - After a few turbulent years finally "Airport" and has "Studio" artist Rudi Schmidt took over the "mountain". Andy Eder, a former TOTO employees and airport managers as managing the club rooms are first completely renovated and redesigned.

It is from now on a mix of raw brick, open plaster, wood beams and zauberberg typical stucco on the ceiling mixed with the latest technology, steel, chrome and glass design and especially on one thing: comfort. Right after the guest has passed through the entrance, he enters a garden with sofas and couches area where you can relax and take the day only once. Who go straight on and eventually goes into the gray and anthracite-colored dance area.

In the "mountain" on a regular basis from now on find well-attended 30 + parties, Pink Fridays and reggae events, all of which come with a positive response in Würzburg audience. The club is still at a colorful program and always provides with attractive dance events in the fields of techno to funk & soul sensation.

In summer, this area is located in the tent instead of the magic garden, a beer garden under old trees. This is open daily in good weather from 17 clock. There is a special offer of drinks and food for the beer garden.
Since mid-2011, is located in the Magic Mountain MyWurscht a branch. This is also accessible via a switch in the stone road for customers.


- Every Thursday: Excursion, the student party
- Fridays and Saturdays change the program. However, fixed dates are the "Gay.Volution", an event for gays and lesbians, as well as the "Black Friday" (gothic, wave).
- The beer garden will be shown at World and European Championships football matches on canvas.

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