Tanzcafe Ludwig

The Tanzcafe Ludwig is a club in the city center, in the premises of the former Café Ludwig in the imperial road 5 It has a dance floor and to form a mixture of dark 60s and 70s design and modernity. The cafe has existed for over 60 years, the re-opening in its present form it was in 2009.
The Dance Cafe is divided into the club for a small dance floor and DJ booth and lounge seating. There is also a smoking area. The appearance of the nightclub is kept uniform and consciously reflects the past as a café again.
The program changes, as well as the opportunities of music. However fixture on the "girls night" every Monday with discounted prices for ladies drinks.
In Tanzcafe Louis of party photographers are not desired pages. To this end it says on the website: "We consciously party photographers and their pages There are many other great clubs where you can be photographed night after night.."

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