"What happened here?" About a quarter is hammered in the former premises of the "Take 5" anno 2002 screwed and drilled, floors and pipes laid and installed new counter tops. And it's not just random passers-by, curious to climb the stairs down, but almost as often old acquaintances from previous "Airport" days that have heard that Rudi Schmidt and Christian Reitlinger want to open a new club in the city center of Würzburg.

The Studio will be a second home for the new generation of Würzburg in-crowd. For good-humored people who enjoy the night life and are grateful for every innovation. Who happens down the stairs, moving on dark oak floors on metal shiny plumbing over to the club. Central eye-catcher here is the left in raw concrete DJ booth. The ceiling above the adjacent dance floor is made of dark Plexiglas squares replace the usual scanner thunderstorms through pleasantly warm and quiet light.

Indirect lighting and relaxing light effects on the walls and color-changing acrylic columns draw on the theme and enhance the quiet and cozy atmosphere. The ceiling has the shape of a long shaft and is decorated with elegant mahogany boxes in the 80s style. The counters are also kept in a contrast of tropical hardwood in warm colors and futuristic molded metal. The lounge is presented in latter day, however pure alignment as a place of recreation and relaxation by candlelight and quiet sounds from a dry stone wall.

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