s.Oliver Arena

s.Oliver Arena, Würzburg

The s.Oliver-Arena is an urban entertainment venue in the street in Szczecin Sanderau district. She was named 1981-2004 Carl-Diem-Halle. The hall offers no seating (with stands) a capacity of 4756 people and is divided into four units. It is used for home games of the s.Oliver Baskets, fairs and concerts. About the Station Königsbergerstraße the tram lines 1 and 4, s.Oliver-Arena can be reached by public transport.

The event hall was until 2004 the name Carl-Diem-Halle. However, the city council decided in late 2003 after a prolonged, sometimes heated discussion with a narrow majority of 24 votes to 19 for a name change. The reason given is close to Carl Diem was led to Nazism. However, there were supporters and adversaries, so that the category (sports pioneer or Nazi?) Was hotly debated in the press and among the public.
2004, the logo was taken from the roof of the hall and named after the fashion company s.Oliver based in rotting village.

The s.Oliver-Arena has (without stands) at 1620 square meters space has a capacity of
1750 people in theater style
900 people in classroom style
1,100 people in banquet style.
The two stands alone have a capacity of 1630 people. The blocks A, B and C are located on the north stand, blocks D, E and F on the South Stand.
The total capacity of the hall with stands is (standing) with 4756 people. [1] In games s.Oliver Baskets of the total capacity of 3140 spectators.
There is also a conference room with 50 seats (or 30 in banquet style) and a training center for gymnastics. The foyers have an area of ​​433 square meters (top) or 174 square meters (below). The hall is handicapped accessible - a ramp is to the right of the main entrance.


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