Sanwood Tonstudio

The Sanwood Tonstudio from Würzburg has evolved from humble beginnings in the Barbarastrasse in expertise and technology steadily. This was followed by commercials, jingles, voice recordings, also for educational tapes and even records tales - here Sanwood was the predecessor of the Kindle development.

The studio was founded in 1987 by drummer Cestmir Rydlink and the late guitarist Michael Lorz. Since 1990, Attorney Thilo Reimers is. After several moves, the studio was in the Würzburg Max-Planck-Str. Sanwood understood it as one of the first affordable live recordings that also play an important role in a semi-professional band. As a result Sanwood has developed its own technology to record live events - at the time these events were often referred to as outdoor Recordings. And so Sanwood has become one of the first studios in Germany, which could also produce outdoor shots in a professional quality. The result (including "Reamonn", "Boppin'B", "germinate", "Youssou N'Dour") was often sent on Bavarian Radio.

The work is divided into four areas:

 commercials and jingles
voice recordings
Audio for Video
Music productions:

For this, the spatial conditions and the technical requirements were not only adapted but created.