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Radio Gong is a local private radio station in Würzburg and since 8 May 1987 with 24 hours on the air program. Transmission area is the metropolitan area of ​​Würzburg, but on the frequency of the transmitter is 106.9 freely receivable in large parts of Lower Franconia. In addition, a web radio service. The radio station is known especially for events such as the Radio Gong Bowlingcup, citizens Championships ("Coolest Town Main Franconia") and the Würzburg Top 30, a ranking list of the region. Radio Gong also sends half hour local news.


Radio Gong, Radio Charivari went in May 1987 for the first time in and around Würzburg on the air. 106.9 Radio Gong was still in the first year Radio Gong Mainland (youth-oriented), Radio Charivari was main radio. Along with radio W1 (1 Wuerzburg, alternatively oriented) is initially sent on the same frequency. Since June 1988 Radio Charivari Radio Gong and send each on its own 24-hour frequencies. Since 1993, Radio Gong without the addition Mainland and since then has claims to be the core target group of 14 to 29 year olds (Charivari: 30 to 49 year olds).
Since 2000, Radio Gong has its own website, since 2002, Radio Charivari. In recent years, especially the offer on the website massively expanded (party pictures, web radio, video ...). 2008 supplemented with a news portal (online newspaper).
In 2009, Radio Gong was appointed by the radio analysis Bavaria Bavaria best of big city radio.


Since January 1993, the radio studio operation in Würzburg GmbH is the Semmelstraße 15


Radio Gong on popular hits are played off the charts. It thus is a teen-oriented hit radio. For the young target group are regular events in Würzburg and the region announced ("Where is what?").
On Saturday, the "Capitol Dance Charts" available in the program, on Sunday sends the Radio Gong Würzburg Top 30 These are firstly by voting on the website and on the basis of sales of a local electronics specialty store (Media Markt, only top 30) determined. Furthermore, there is the "Night of fresh ideas" in the night from Saturday to Sunday with live circuits in clubs / discos.
An important pillar of Radio Gong are also the local news: half hour sent ("Radio Gong on the spot"), and around the clock on the Internet. The news program also provides a weather service ("Radio Gong Würzburg-weather") and traffic. Is often used by the Radio Gong traffic hotline, can be reported to the speed cameras, traffic jams and accidents.


Andy Puhl
Frank Beyhl (program director)
Tobi Grimm
Soazic Assel
Tom Hooper
Birgit Sweet
Olly Helbig
Sandra Keß
John "keppi" Keppner
Alexander Mader
Simon Steffan
[Edit] Events

Regularly the Radio Gong Bowling Cup takes place.
Pentecost 2009 concert with Nevio Gaukönigshofen took place in a veranstaltestes of Radio Gong Open Air. The village had prevailed in the choice for "coolest community Main franc" (citizens championships).
Radio Gong is also represented at the town festivals in Würzburg and Kitzingen with its own stage.

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