The Omnibus (Latin: "for all") is a live music bar opened in 1970 in a basement in the Theatre District street in the city center. On a small stage, there are regular live performances and cabarets.
In addition, you can rent the basement for private parties free of charge - but an agreed minimum sales required. Originally, the bus was a private party room of the owner Günther full commercialization. This was held in the fetuses used as storage space for a delicatessen shop basement with friends. Theater also designed with performances evenings from Franconia. In 1969, the life artist Philippe Vincent, along with the owner on the idea to make the party room open to the public and set up a small stage.

Opened in 1970, the Omnibus . The name derives from the Latin name was (translated: "for all") and the bus from the former Parisian Philippe Vincent. While initially mainly occurred street musicians and the music from the optimism and peace movement of the 70s was marked, it attracted over time, increasingly, internationally known artist in the Omnibus . Also currently provides the music bar or a regular program of music and artists. source: Omnibus


Source: Würzburg Wiki, Photo: T. Hampl, Inhalt content is available on Creative-Commons-BY-SA-Lizenz