Odeon Lounge

The Odeon was originally a vaudeville theater, which opened in the Augustiner Strasse 18, 1897. After a conversion started from 22 December 1923 as the operating Odeon Light Games, abbreviated "O Li". It included three movie theaters with 320 seats. The firebombing of Würzburg, the house was severely damaged, but the movie was on 25 Re-open in December 1949 - to coincide with the opening of the Corso.
Was held at the Odeon, the premiere of "Gone With the Wind".
From 1970 to 1981 ended the operating theater and it was "Odeon 2000" used as a disco, on 5 February 1982, it served as a light but again playhouse.
Until the closure could be smoked in the movies: the room 3 on the ground at the time showed only "adult films", ie porn, and had opened around the clock. On 30 April 2003, the last film was shown at the Odeon, since April 2006 there is the Odeon Lounge.

Celebrated the end of April 2006 Würzburg ODEON Lounge her comeback. In a completely new light, the almost historic buildings presented in the new millennium. The cozy lobby invites with its lounge-bar atmosphere, a variety of cocktails. The club may be celebrated extensively to advanced time and for special events is the former great cinema, known to many as a smoking cinema, has been converted into a spacious ballroom. The creators of this unique location is the real estate agent Rudolf Singer with his partner René Werner and the restaurateur Berthold warrior. All three have gone in achieving the ODEON Lounge completely unknown territory. Something created by a lot of ambition, ideas and claim that in Würzburg is one of the top addresses for night owls today.


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