As Mainwiesen sections are referred to the river Main, which are located differently depending on the source / dimensions:
In the classical meaning of the term with Mainwiesen Zeller Auer Main River area between the Peace Bridge and the city limits of Zell am Main. Through the meadows leads a foot and cycle path. The area close to downtown between the sports facilities in the Mainaustraße and bridge of the German unit is regularly used for large events (eg, vain and Outdoor, Africa Festival). Here the urban flea market takes place. This section is also referred to as "Mainwiesen exhibition center" or "Talavera Mainwiesen" (due to the proximity to Talavera). Thus takes place the Franconia-fair on the Mainwiesen every two years. Adjoining are diveres sports facilities, such as Sepp-Endres-sports facility. The faces in the direction of cell often serve the recreation, there is a barbecue, among other things.

In some publications, the green space along the river Main Sander Auer is called Mainwiesen. RUSH FOR the banks carry a separate bike and walking two (one directly along the banks of the Main River). These areas also serve the recreation and are preferably used in summer as lawns. The Sander Auer Mainwiesen include two picnic areas and a playground.

Other sources (including the Office of the garden city of Würzburg) call Mainwiesen summarize the area between the city limits of Zell am Main until after Randersacker or on Heidingsfelder page to the former Bayla site. According Garden Office Park, this area comprises 1100 trees on 33 acres.


Caused a sensation in the announcement of the garden office, to cut 150 poplar wood in the Mainwiesen. The Fällaktion was necessary, according to park authorities for safety reasons because the approximately 40-50 year old trees had a strong Grünast-break in the summer. This would be dangerous for users of the parks, as they could be hit by falling branches. In the area of ​​Mainwiesen among others the national Main Bike Trail. [1] runs in 2012, 50 of the planned 150 poplars like. Opponents of Fällaktion spoke of a "Poplar hysteria". [2] Affected by the precipitations are also trees that have donated Würzburg citizens. The felled trees are replaced by at least the same number in the period of three years.

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Life in the Streets Festival IV:
His (after bastion TGW terrain in the Mergentheimer St. and the Lengfelder Kürnachtalhalle), fourth and so far last location the air and free festival was held here at the Talavera Mainwiesen.

Africa Festival


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