The Labyrinth counts since 1989 to the most important locations in Würzburg alternative and rock area. For years, the club promoted with the slogan "The only alternative" for themselves. The "labyrinth" and space for 600 guests and is very grim set. Meanwhile, there is also a covered outdoor area adjacent to the pub.


- "StuDienstag" every Tuesday and includes drinks - by its own account - student-friendly prices. The music is geared more for everyone on Tuesdays, where charts are taboo.
- Friday is "Double D Party ': On various beverages that begin with" D "biplane. Alternative Music is on the agenda.
- Saturdays - new since 2011 - "Rock'n'Rave" (before the rather poorly-attended "alternative Ballroom") - a wild mix of handmade guitar music Electronic and independent.
- The maze is open from 21h. Free admission until 22:30 clock always on Saturdays for pupils and students even clock to 0:00.

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