A large part of the Würzburg music scene might have taken place without the Kult in Hamburg or Berlin, so the Kult must in here.

The Kult never has a rich selection of dishes, including many vegetarian and - probably the only pub in Würzburg - even some vegan dishes. Famous is the great choice breakfast (Saturday and Sunday 10 to 15 clock), which does attract a lot of people that do not belong to the classic Kult target group (which - roughly speaking - the alternative scene is miserable or their remnants).
What Kult fundamentally different from other restaurants, is the collective structure, which means that a boss does not exist, the employee operate the restaurant together, decisions are based democratic way, the scope for individual design of your own work is great, according tempered and self-confident are the operations. This may well (like the classic: Latte Macchiato) cause the work just ends unsympathetic denied the guest drinks and music requests are laughing scornfully rejected. The friend like many of the so-called service economy appear bold, but be assured: The / the Kult workers / in it is quite excellent and it is in times of modern wage slavery but also worth something.

Monday to Friday 9h-1h or longer (depending on what's going on)
Saturday and Sunday 10h-1h or longer clock



Source: Text: Würzburg Wiki, Foto: T. Hampl, content available on Creative-Commons-BY-SA-Lizenz