Since 2011, Würzburg is enriched by a cultural attraction! Located it is directly under the city Mensa: The Kellerperle "is a company founded by students, non-commercial, self governing cultural center. The range of events is primarily cultural in nature, there are regular in the "Pearl" concerts, lectures, (improv) theater, free movie screenings and parties. Also Kleidertausch actions, joint jam sessions for students and residents of the refugee hostel in Würzburg and WG-speed dating already existed. In addition, the small café culture offers the opportunity to be creative and put his own ideas into action. Furthermore, in the "Kellerperle " placed a high value on drinks and snacks that come from fair trade and are offered at reasonable prices.

The idea of ​​establishing a new cultural center was taken in the winter of 2009/2010 by a small group of friendly students. In connection with the university lecture hall protests and the occupation then found some fellow - for the most part students of the University and FH. Then the club was "Student Culture initiative Würzburg eV" in spring 2010 launched. 2011 started the actual planning phase during which repeated parties in Wuerzburg (on the Arte Noah, Club L, and on the grounds of the theater ensemble) were organized to draw attention to the project. In October 2011, it was finally over, the "pearl" could open!

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