"A private club ... that would be cool !", a few students thought Würzburg anno 2007, and founded her own nightclub ado: the KamiKatze. At the beginning, the club was a nice hobby, which the newly minted club owner "by the way" had planned to attend. "We just wanted to see if our ideas work," says the co-founder Brian Krahmer.

What the group lacked gastronomic experience, was made ​​up for by enthusiasm and commitment. Important was the person in charge that the KamiKatze should not only be a disco, a club or a bar just - it existed in Würzburg finally had enough. People should get the feeling they would just stand on a house party. Always true to the motto: "Retro is sexy", so the interior of the club was based on the design of the 60s and 70s from the very beginning.

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