Immerhin I

The Youth Culture Club Immerhin is since 1985 under that name. The predecessor was a sort of Christian-oriented tea room with integrated prayer room. As before, there is the Immerhin of the Protestant Church.
Until October 2009 the club was at the Friedrich-Ebert-ring 27 near the courthouse. Due to the dilapidated buildings of the old building (built in 1947 in light construction) the Immerhin had to stop working there. In spring 2010, the company moved into the basement of the post office building started at the main station. Since the end of July 2010, the Immerhin there could open its doors again on a regular basis.

This versatile program is developed and implemented in-house and without guidance from the support by the team is currently about 25 counting heads. In the broadest sense, can be subsumed under the broad spectrum of the collective term "rock". In addition to many concerts, which vary from local bands to bands from overseas, another programmatic focus is in DJ entertainment with changing musical styles. As the third pillar of the program, partly legendary motto fetuses are mentioned (including Halloween).

The special feature of Immerhin
The team's work is 100% volunteer.
The club is non-profit-oriented.
The musical range is outside the "mainstream".
It is placed on the responsible use of alcohol value. Mineral water and tea are free Immerhin .


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