The volunteer youth culture Immerhin meeting under the auspices of the Protestant youth in the deanery of Würzburg was founded in 1985. The traditional home of the old "House of the Sun" at the Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 27 had to be demolished in 2009, and for the popular small nonprofit Live Club was despite intensive search no new location is available. Only after great efforts of Immerhin teams together with the Evangelical Youth is a room in the basement hall of the post office was at the station.

All parties, musicians, and fans - as a petition showed - Thousands of Wuerzburg wanted to continue to receive the independent club with its unique concept. The city announced in early 2010, the free use change, and after the mostly handwritten tag end of July 2010 could be reopened. Now are available in the non-profit club, a large breakfast bar, cozy sofa area, a kicker and a slightly larger concert hall for about 100 guests. In 2011 were spent by a 25-member team over 6000 hours volunteering to host 45 to 125 days opening DJ nights and a whopping 80 concerts with stately 159 live bands from all over the world and the Würzburg region.

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