If there was a place for events in the city in the 60s, this was without doubt the Hutten-halls in the Virchowstraße. Where today sold a supermarket beer, sausage and cheese, Gate Quartet gave in the 60s stars like Gilbert Becaud, Udo Jürgens, Roberto Blanco, Peter Franken field, Heinz Erhard and even the world-famous Golden the jack in the hand. The 23 Opened in December 1953 Huttensäle at the stage Virchowstraße offered rooms for 1200, 300 and 120 spectators. Architect of the great hall was Eugene Althofer. Every other day an event on the program, from classical to show up - later - rock music. Even before 1953 important events had taken place in the preliminary dining halls, such as failure-Würzburg-elections and a large band competition.


Authors of this text are Pat and Christian Joachim Fildhaut, the picture is from the office of the Hutt halls (and was photographed there by J. Fildhaut), Very helpful: The office of. Fam Müller-Reichart