Eisbrecher Ulla

On the so-called "Eisbrecher Ulla" (or in short: "Ulla") are from 6.1. from 4.11.2011 to 26.2.2011 and 7.1.2012 to various events in the fields of theater, readings, cabaret, dance and music instead. "There are just no longer really beautiful place in Würzburg, where you still watching a really good concert and after that, a little dance," says Dominik Straub (also known as rapper "Mistaa") about his reasons for founding the Ulla.

Initially, the Würzburg had only planned a weekend event, but then he has met along with his buddy Howie as if by chance on Noah Arte, located at the Old Port in Würzburg at anchor. Then he spontaneously decided together with Thomas Howert (aka Howie) to inflate the whole enterprise to four months. On the stage of "Ulla" and the "Stieber Twins", "Pupkulies & Rebecca" and Ebo Taylor encounters, and "Mistaa" itself.

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