Discothek Airport

The nightclub opened in October 1983 in the hall of a former wholesale market. Even today, this past is still partly visible outdoors. True to the name of the Airport Club was inspired by an airport terminal, the bistro on a plane and the DJ booth the cockpit, all dressed in white. At the time, jeans and sneakers in the nightclub still a taboo subject.

1984 you opened in the other part of the hall for the Rockpalast with a name matching music concept. Also, the double-decker evening was introduced and has established itself today.
End of 1994, the entire hall was sold and relocated to the disco "Loveboat" (= Old Love). After only half a year, the airport moved under the old CEO and new owner Rudi Schmidt at Pentecost again in 1995 in the old premises. However, without an airplane decoration, with completely new furnishings.
1998 moved to the T2 in the central part of the former market hall. Two years later opened the Sound Park East, after the Rockpalast was closed in the summer of the same year. With the sound Ost also the "sound bar" was set up. As the newest range of "Redroom" was opened.

Structure of the disco

The Airport can be roughly divided into three sections:
T1 / Redroom: Terminal 1 (House, Techno) has its own input and output and a separate cloakroom. Especially during visits of guest DJ's have to enter the airport here to get access to all areas ("all areas"). Otherwise, there is indeed intake in the other areas (T2, Sound Park East, etc.), but should not the T1. At the top of T1 is the Redroom and a VIP entrance. A special feature of the T1 is the "bath bar".

T2 Terminal 2 (Hip Hop, Black Music) is located in the central part of the hall and offers the top of seating and a bar From this area you can overlook the dance floor of T2.

Sound Park East / soundbar In this area until 2000, the Rockpalast. The Sound Park (Rock Charts) currently offers the largest dance floor of the airport. Occasional live performances are held here - there is a stage. Directly connected to the small soundbar, with the rows of seats and a cinema screen is indicated. We Also located here also the Cineworld bar (named after a multiplex cinema in the district of Kitzingen) with an old projector as decoration.

There is also a large outdoor area (minimal house in summer), and various seating areas for smoking.


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