Das Boot

After the Würzburg nightclub The boat has two years earlier opened in Nuremberg under the name "Project 500" its doors, the Party ship is early 1996 after numerous problems with the Water and Shipping Authority to Würzburg in the vicinity of the Bridge of German Unity laid.

The re-opening will take place on 24 April 1996 instead. Since then the boat from the Würzburg club landscape has become indispensable. Three decks are available and you get every evening a colorful program presented. Numerous guest DJs and live bands, in that context for a large portion of variety. In summer you can also move on the open deck and enjoy the wonderful views of the floodlit fortress Marienberg.


- In the lower deck, the nightclub is equipped with modern lighting system. There are also two counters and the wardrobe. Through portholes on the lower deck, a view of the Main is possible.
- In the middle of the deck saloon with seating, a cocktail bar, DJ booth and a larger, semi-circular bar. The middle deck is also home to the galley, where you can buy something to eat. The entrance area with a small cash cabin is located on the middle deck.
- Theme Deck: At the top is uncovered in the summer and covered in the winter sun deck with a bar and seating. Especially on warm summer evenings a pleasant place.
- All floors are connected by stairs. In the rear of the ship (stern) are also smaller open decks at the level of the lower deck and the salon.


- A solid program provides the boat usually Thursdays (Night Work) and Saturday (Saturday Night Live). Friday, changing the program and there are often guest DJ's.
- Observant visitors do not miss the view of the Fortress Marienberg and the cultural memory, the night are especially highlighted.
- Curiosities: one finds were presented, the divers had found around the party boat in the harbor. Before upgrading 2010 also occurred at particularly busy days, that a small portion of the bottom open decks was flooded by water main and only one came with a crack about further (danger for the visitors but it was not at any time).
- The character of a vessel was deliberately retained in the decoration (counters, portholes, etc.) is taken up and is a particular feature of the disco.

Opening times:

- Thursday 20 to 4 clock
- Friday and Saturday 20 to 5 clock


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