Congress Centrum Würzburg - CCW

The Congress Centrum Wuerzburg, short CCW, opened in 1985 is a conference and convention center in the district of Inner Pleich in the old town. The center right on Main near the Peace Bridge offers with the large, variable Franconia-hall, several partially combined conference and seminar rooms and a large foyer with a useful opportunity for national and international conferences and symposia, meetings, conferences honors, seminars, social events such as balls, banquets and receptions to cultural events all support the CCW is the proper operation of Congress tourism economy of the city of Würzburg.


The Congress Centre is divided into three levels:
Passage level: Lower lobby, cloakroom, lifts and stairs
Hall Level: Upper (Large) Main Foyer with view, Franconia-hall, stage, seven conference rooms
Level up: gallery, gallery

Meeting / conference rooms / seminar rooms

CCW offers rooms with capacity 14-1635 people. Six additional meeting rooms are also in the neighboring Hotel Maritim:
[Edit] Hall Franconia
The flagship of the CCW is the Franconia-hall with a capacity of up to 1,635 people. It features a variable stage (stage area) and a spacious loft. By a different positioning of the rear wall of the Franconia-room can easily enlarge or shrink, possibly even connect with the spacious foyer into a single unit.
Classroom (up to 1,000 seats with gallery)
Meeting rooms (up to 992 seats with gallery)
Row seating (up to 1,635 spaces with gallery)
The Franconia-hall is equipped with simultaneous interpretation system (including interpreters' booths), beamer, microphone ports, WiFi, switchgear, dimmable light, canvas 9 x 7 meters
[Edit] Conference rooms (seats Parliamentary / banquet / row seating)
Neumann (80/70/148)
Tiepolo (45/40/66)
Auvera (18/20/30)
Bossi (18/20/30)
Wagner (18/20/36)
The following combinations are possible: Neumann and Tiepolo (150/110/210); Auvera, Bossi and Wagner (90/70/120)
[Edit] seminar rooms (seats Parliamentary / banquet / row seating)
Seminar Room A (18/20/36)
Seminar Room B (18/20/36)


Dining options include events during the neighboring Hotel Maritim is ready. Catering companies are not allowed due to contractual issues in the CCW.

Directions and Parking

Am Congress Centrum hold the line 2 and line 4 tram at the stop Congress Centre. In and around the CCW, there are several parking lots:
Parking Congress Centre with 193 parking spaces (on the Main)
Congress Centre car park with 300 parking spaces
Cattle market car park with 400 spaces
Talavera parking with 1,000 parking spaces (free of charge)


Congress - Tourism - Economy
Am Congress Centrum
Turmgasse 11
97070 Würzburg
Tel: 09 31 / 37 23 35
Fax: 09 31 / 37 36 52


Am Congress Centrum
Turmgasse 11
97070 Würzburg


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