Club L

The Club L (or short: the "L") was originally founded as Club of living philosophers. Angedacht a bistro café was set up in the original equipment of the Fifties and Sixties - "a kind of living museum". The club evolved since its founding in 1998 quickly became a meeting place of different music scenes.

After being booked already from the beginning DJs 'sets' (especially on Saturday and Sunday morning), gradually also live musicians take the stage in the "L". Behind the club itself is a small garden that can also be used for performances and concerts. "Because not only the chirping of crickets chirping, but also barbeque like that," said owner Joachim beef. "Autonomy Is the" L "way too small. And natural and free of nuclear weapons. My club also sees itself as a promoter of newcomers, but we also host occasional concerts by famous bands. "