Autonomes Kulturzentrum Würzburg (AKW 1)

The Autonomous Cultural Centre Wuerzburg, short or even nuclear power nuclear power plant! was 27 years, an alternative, socio-cultural meeting, on 14 February 1982 in the Martin-Luther-Straße was opened in a former workshop and ten years later moved to the grounds of Würzburg rgerbr. After several fast closings announced in 2009 the Cultural Centre for bankruptcy and closed on 12 April 2009 entgültig the gates.

On 14 Opened in February 1982, a group of young people the Autonomous Cultural Center in Würzburg, Martin-Luther-Straße 4 Location was a former auto repair shop. It was a time of peace and anti-nuclear movement, Runway West opponents, squatters and in the left-alternative scene spirit of optimism. [1]

1985 the idea was born to create alternative jobs. These were funded by the beverage revenue. Municipal funding, there was only a year later.

In 1990, the NPP has a soft block of flats. The search for an alternative location took approximately two years.

On 3 Opened in July 1992 on the grounds of the Cultural Center of the Würzburg rgerbr in the Frankfurter Straße. Many people are moving but not joined.

2006/2007 was the nuclear power plant financially brink of extinction [2] Only a radical break could save the cultural center. One set will switch to using volunteers.

In 2009, the Autonomous Cultural Würzburg filed for bankruptcy. Last liabilities were € 10,000 more from: In the Savings Bank, the city of Würzburg and staff of the NPP.


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